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Commercial & Residential Floor Cleaning

Put the shine back in your floors!

Frontline Floor Coatings is the company that makes your concrete, tile and grout and vinyl flooring SHINE!  Tired of spending lots of money to get your floors re-waxed every few months? We have your solution!

Do your grout lines on your floor look like a different (darker) color than what is on the wall or trim tile? We can change that!

You can clean your tile floors all you want, but dirty grout still makes your floors look dirty! Grout is porous material that absorbs dirt and spills, and since diseases grow, spread and travel on the floors, keeping tile and grout clean is the foundation of a healthy building or home. We can literally take the “Eeww!” out of public office restrooms.

Looking for stained concrete or concrete epoxy for your home or office? We can help!

Frontline Floor Coatings provides lasting concrete flooring options as well as outdoor applications such as driveway repair. Looking for beautiful and durable concrete stain? We’ve got you covered! Or how about a garage floor epoxy? Dazzling and stylish metallic concrete epoxy for your basement or showroom? Yep, Frontline Floor Coatings can do this too!

Tired of spending lots of money to get your floors re-waxed every few months? We have your solution!

Frontline Floor Coatings gives wax free, high gloss coatings to protect your original vinyl flooring from damaging liquids and foot traffic. Our superior products make routine cleaning a breeze! Dirt and liquids just wipe right off and the shine lasts for months, even years in some cases!

Are you…

  • Tired of dealing with sub-par sub-contractors?
  • Exhausted by all the schmucks with trucks who claim to be “the best”?
  • Would you like to experience quality products and courteous service on a realistic timeline?

If you answered “YES!” to any (or all) of these questions you are on the right website!

So now the only question is…

What can Frontline Floor Coatings do for you and your project? Call or email today for your free Consultation. We are eagerly waiting to provide you with a top notch Frontline Floor Coating!

Which room in your building has the most contaminates?

The bathroom

They also receive the most customer complaints.

What spreads germs the most when cleaning floors?

A mop and bucket.

A dirt mop just spreads the germs around.

How long will a floor coated with ETS 180 last?

3-4 years or more!

Imagine the time and money your business will save!

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