Get care-free vinyl floors!

Vinyl flooring, also known as VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), have been problematic to Property Managers, Facility Managers and Environmental Control Officers for years. Keeping a waxed vinyl surface clean, sanitary and shiny can be difficult, if not impossible. Here are just a few of the challenges you may be facing.

  • Wax only holds a shine without maintenance for a few weeks in most cases.
  • Wax is a soft, porous material, encapsulating harmful germs and bacteria to be tracked throughout the building.
  • Ongoing cost, mess, and inconvenience of wax stripping & burnishing.
  • The inconvenience of prepping/scheduling for wax removal services interferes with your business and effects employee productivity.

Good news! Frontline Floor Coatings offers a wax free, low maintenance, high gloss coating that lasts for years without having to go through wax stripping, wax removal and wax buffing – EVER!

Facility Managers are looking to provide clean floors that look great and are simple and efficient to maintain. Frontline Floor Coatings has your solution!

Restrooms, break-rooms, hallways, exam rooms, laboratory areas, etc. all typically have a vinyl floor that NEED a durable, protective coating to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from foot traffic. Frontline Floor Coatings has the wax free coating for you!


Never wax again with EST180!

ETS180 is a high-gloss, water-based urethane floor finish.  ETS180 has ZERO VOC content and is proven to inhibit bacteria and mold growth. The coating maintains a high-gloss appearance for many months or even years with no buffing, burnishing or stripping required.  ETS180 is very easy to repair, provides superior durability and is highly resistant to spills.  ETS180 is also highly slip resistant with a SCOF greater than 0.80.

The benefits of ETS Health