We remove the dirt, odor and bacteria from tile and grout floors!

Frontline Floor Coatings provides our clients with a complete process to clean, protect and preserve tile and grout flooring, including:

  • Grout Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Grout Repair
  • Grout Sealing

Ever wonder why MOST public restrooms have a different color grout on their floors vs. the walls? We’ve got news for you. It’s not a different color… its dirt and bacteria causing the different color! Talk about unsanitary!

Grout is a porous material that doesn’t belong in restrooms; it absorbs urine and other fluids. These fluids stay in the grout even after routine mopping. 80% of the smell in a public restroom comes from the grout in the floors.  Since diseases grow, spread and travel on the floors, keeping tile and grout clean is the foundation of a healthy building. 

With Frontline Floor Coating’s exclusive tile and grout cleaning process and MicroGuard® protective coating, we can literally remove the “Eeewww!” from the public restroom.

We are certified installers for





Frontline Floor Coatings have added this protective coating to thousands of square feet of tile and grout in the Colorado Springs area.

MicroGuard has engineered and manufactured a patented family of inorganic, cross-link cured, glass-like, siloxane clear coatings that are among the most durable coatings available. No other coating system can claim the unique product features and benefits of MicroGuard Protective Coatings.

MicroGuard is hysrophobic; it repels liquids so nothing will ever absorb into your grout again! MicroGuard is also slip resistant; scientific studies and thousands of applications in schools and hospitals can’t be wrong!

Our performance based coating systems are unparalleled in proven field applications and satisfy customers over and over again. Imagine a new technology that provides high gloss shine with high performance. MicroGuard protective coating is designed to shield a hard surfaces like tile and grout. By using MicroGuard protective coatings our clients, commercial and residential alike, experience longer lasting shiny floors and ease of cleaning for years!

Are you ready for:

  • Lasting solutions for
    problematic flooring.
  • Ease of maintenance and
    long lasting shine.
  • A changed perception of using public restrooms.
  • Durable solutions for today’s environmental challenges.
  • Positive customer impressions
    of your facilities appearance and cleanliness.
Cleaning dirty tile and grout.

Did you know?


Of a restrooms smell comes
from the grout in the floor!

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