Ally Jencson The Tradeswoman Tigress


Strong. Resourceful. Rebel.

Ally is often referred to as the Tradeswoman Tigress. She is fiercely passionate about helping women be successful in the trades, service and construction industries. Ally has spent the majority of her professional career in male dominated industries. She knows it takes more than just hard work and dedication to run a family and a business at the same time. It takes being a Tigress.

Ally brings her insights, experience and fierceness to the stage with a passion to inspire her audiences to step into their confidence and unleash the tiger she believes resides in all of us. As a female business owner in the construction trades, Ally has been on both sides of the proverbial fence. She’s been in the trenches doing the dirty work as well as running a business as the CEO. She had to learn on her own how to become a Tigress. Through overcoming business and personal challenges, Ally has embraced her “inner bad ass” AND built a bad ass business. Ally is so approachable and has an uncanny ability to tune-in with her audiences; connecting with them on a deeper level.

“I believe there is a tiger inside each of us! It’s just waiting to be untamed so we can unleash our unique bad-assery.”

Ally’s Popular Topics

Build a Tigress Mindset
We humans, it seems, have anywhere from 12k to 60k thoughts per day. But research shows as many as 98% of them are exactly the same as yesterday! Talk about creatures of habit! Even more significant, 80% of our thoughts are negative. So, what are YOU thinking? Learn:
• How will my mindset help me in my career?
• Techniques to unlearn negative mental habits
• How to build strong mindsets that unleash our best selves

Confidence through Chaos
Confidence in the workplace is a crucial advantage, and a huge factor in career development. But some workers find themselves crippled with doubt & fear, unable to take necessary risks or voice their insights. This is especially true when we are faced with difficult life circumstances outside the office. Divorce, caring for ill parents, financial challenges, child-parent dynamics, etc. Learn:
• Solutions to overcome what life throws at us and still have a bad ass business/career.

Communicate like a Tigress
93% of communication is non-verbal. In a survey conducted by Workforce Solutions Group, it was revealed that more than 60% of employers say that applicants are not demonstrating sufficient communication and interpersonal skills to be considered for jobs. Ally knows just how crucial it is to be able to meet and serve our clients, co-workers and families where THEY are. Learn:
• Tips and techniques to communicate better
• Be more observant as to what others need from us

Just One of the Guys: How to Stay Feminine in the Construction Industry
Women working in male-dominated industries face a variety of challenges, including:
• Pervasive stereotypes, such as that of the “caring mother” or the ‘office housekeeper.’
• The view that women are outsiders and threaten the norm.
• Higher stress levels and performance expectations
• Fewer mentoring opportunities
• Sexual harassment.

Ally teaches women in male dominated industries to be proud of and embrace our femininity. The Tradeswoman Tigress helps women to see the value of being a woman in a man’s world. She mentors female audiences to tap into their own unique bad-assery, to maintain their femininity and communicate with heart-centered assurance despite any negative behavior from their industry peers.


  • 10+ yrs of trades business ownership
  • 10+ yrs as the ONLY female in her business
  • 2019-2020 President Elect NAWIC Pikes Peak Chapter 356
    Member – El Paso County Contractors Assoc. since 2014
  • Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association (CSHBA) Board of Directors
  • CSHBA Remodelers Council Member
  • Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Committee
  • (NAWIC) Pikes Peak Chapter 356
  • 2017 – 6035 Lifestyle Healthiest Companies Award Recipient – Micro-Sized Business
  • 2018 Spirit Award Recipient, NAWIC Pikes Peak Chapter 356
  • Past Managing Director, eWomenNetwork COS
  • Holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • Married for over 15 years to her business partner!

Host of Tigress Talks • 1 Million Cups-Colorado Springs • Polka Dot Powerhouse-Colorado Springs• 6035 Healthy Biz Award • NAWIC Spirit Award

To book Ally call: 719-659-6619